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Water Sensor Installation for Your Home

In today’s world of technological advancements, high-tech water sensors can come in handy in many scenarios. It tracks the temperature & humidity levels of your home, and most come with a sound alert when it detects water leaks. Small, but useful devices like this are very helpful at monitoring water levels & leaks, plumbing leaks, when you are away from home or in the other room.

SeeQuRity can provide you with qualified security service providers in your local area if you need innovative water sensors for your home. The products we offer are authentic & manufactured by leading brands in the industry, ensuring reliability & performance. To reach your nearby SeeQuRity contractor, simply call us at 844-412-0402 or click on the link to find your local contractor.

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Smart water and flooding sensor

Level Up Your Home Automation Standards

Since water sensors have Smart Home Integration, they can be directly connected to your home's WiFi. From there, you can easily view track records, active status, as well as push notifications that the sensor sends to you during mishaps. Moreover, you can monitor temperature & humidity records for the past 24 hours, while some water sensor models may even track up to an entire week.

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Home automation flooding sensor

Features of Smart Water Sensors

  • Alerts: The device is capable of alerting you in many ways; by making an alarming sound, by blinking lights, and by sending you notifications directly to your phone.
  • Smart Home Integration: Water sensors can be connected to your home automation network, where you can easily control it like the rest of the smart products in your home.
  • Monitoring: Advanced water sensors can track the current temperature & humidity levels of your home. This can be monitored via the mobile app and is represented as graphs. 
  • Power: Smart water sensors come in different modes that can be directly plugged in via a power outlet, while some are battery-operated, offering more flexibility.

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You can secure your home with our state-of-the-art home automation solutions. Apart from smart water sensors, we provide more smart devices for your home that include:

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