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Burglary detection is no laughing matter, and you'll need someone you can rely on. SeeQuRity burglary detection sensors are compatible with smartphone apps that are simple to use. We'll make sure you can view what's going on in your house at any time and receive fast alerts if anything goes wrong.

SeeQuRity is affiliated with some of the most respected service providers, or dealers, in the home security market. Our dealers have decades of experience delivering cutting-edge security services based on cutting-edge technology. They only assign these activities to the most skilled and well-trained technicians in order to ensure that the clients' needs are met to the fullest extent possible. Click here to find your local dealer to install burglary detection system in your property. Call us at 844-412-0402 to learn more about us.

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Burglary Detection Systems

Burglary Detection Systems

The followings are some of the systems for burglary detection.

  • Door & Window Sensors

    Door and window sensors are made up of two sections: one is attached to the door or window, and the other is affixed to the frame, with the two pieces positioned next to each other. If the alarm is activated, the sensor transmits a signal to the main control panel when the two pieces are separated, such as when the door or window is opened or breached.

  • Smart Sensors

    Smart sensors add an extra layer of burglary prevention to your property. If your home's windows, doors, or other weak locations are breached while your system is armed, you'll be notified via the control panel.

  • Motion Sensors

    The bulk of break-ins happen at night and during vacation seasons (summer/winter). Any unexpected movement will be noticed by a motion sensor, which will set off an alarm.

  • Motion Detection Lights

    When someone approaches your home too closely, motion sensor floodlights, door lights, and other exterior lights turn on automatically.

  • Glass Break Detectors

    A glass break detector will provide you with the required security alert if a burglar breaks into your home by smashing a window rather than forcing it open. Glass break detectors monitor sound or vibration in addition to door and window sensors.

Call us at 844-412-0402 or contact us online to learn more about our services. Our trusted dealers will install burglary detection system in your property.