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If you have a finished basement that functions as a ‘play zone’, you must know the importance of automatic lighting operation at home. With our highly regarded contractors, we, at SeeQuRity, provides our customers with the Smart Lighting & Control services. Now you don’t have to worry anymore that your kid may fall down in the darkness or having the lights on in your basement.

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Smart Lighting & Control Services

What is Smart Lighting?

Connected lighting or Smart Lighting- is a term for lighting solutions that are controlled with a smartphone to provide better control, or create the perfect ambiance anywhere in the home. It’s a popular purchase and will be many people’s first encounter with smart home technology.

There are several types of smart lighting systems, some are better than others. In the long run, while it’s fun to remotely control your lights with your phone, you’ll get more value from a solution that offers real automation, powered by a smart home platform. With, you can have a motion detector sense that a room is empty, and the lights are safe to turn off.

Our contractors even have a few different options that provide control of lighting, and some that can help you control anything & everything that plugs into the wall!

Smart Bulbs

Screw into your existing light sockets and connect wirelessly to your home’s network or hub. They’re simple to install but have little connectivity with other devices in your home.

Installation: Not rocket science here, it’s a lightbulb! Screw the bulb into any lamp, recessed lighting fixture and connect to your home network. If you’re comfortable configuring devices, installation should be straightforward. If not, be sure to call our customer service team for a comprehensive walkthrough and training on your mobile app.

Smart Outlets

Now we’re getting smarter. These devices plug into a wall socket, with a lamp plugged into the device itself. Once you’re configured, you can start automating the lamp based on your smart home platform.

Installation: Smart plugs are smarter because they tend to be part of a system, connected to the Internet and synced directly to your Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. The IQ Outlet can be installed with no tools at all, simply plug into any socket you’d like to control. Now you can plug in a lamp, MP3 player, or any device you’d like to turn on or off.

Smart Switches

For completely connected lighting, smart switches are the solution of choice. Unlike a smart plug, they can also control your hardwired ceiling lights. They also provide the best aesthetic look; they don’t take up a wall socket and look as good (if not better) than standard light switches.

Installation: Smart switches are hardwired into your wall like standard light switches, and we recommend having a licensed technician perform the installation. This requires expertise with wiring, power, and switch configuration.

Why Choose SeeQuRity?

At SeeQuRity, we aim at providing our customers with not only a perfectly secured home but also peace of mind. Providing seamless & continuous service is of top priority to us. Moreover, our team is active throughout the day to make sure you feel safe with us as you put your trust in us. Call us at 844-412-0402 or Contact Us to get a free quotation today for your home.