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The most common type of CCTV monitoring is wired security camera systems. On the other hand, it is also, by far, the safest. Wired cameras guarantee superb video quality and minimal to no streaming interruption. Because they have direct cable connections to a power supply and the internet, hackers cannot wirelessly access your data.

If you need a wired security camera for your home or office, contact SeeQuRity. SeeQuRity’s contracted partners have decades of experience in serving your area. We take things to a higher standard by making sure nothing comes in the way of ensuring you get the right services. To learn more about wired security camera installation options, call 844-412-0402 or find a local security dealer in your area.

Features of Wired Security Cameras By SeeQuRity

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  • Secure: Your video data is still secure because wireless data transfers cannot be hijacked.
  • Little to no interference: Receive uninterrupted, direct coverage via live feed.
  • Excellent streaming quality: With wired cameras, poor network reception does not affect streaming quality.
  • Infrared night vision: You can see clearly at night due to military-grade night vision technology.
  • Up to 1080p HD quality: Record video in its most precise form. From a greater distance, full HD resolution makes it easier to notice or recognize objects or activities.
  • Hacker-proof: Wireless hacking is prevented by the use of cables to link wired CCTV cameras to the internet. Only you have access to your video footage, which is securely stored.
  • Expandable security system: Your wired security system may be expanded across a large area thanks to cable connections. Greater attention should be paid to larger properties, corner lots, difficult angles, etc.

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