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At SeeQuRity, we have contractors to automate your home with a key free patented Z-wave deadbolt smart lock to simplify your life. Moreover, we are a proud partner of Brinks Home Security. This smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door by entering a unique 4-8 digit pin code on its backlit buttoned keypad or through your Z-wave smart home or other concerned apps. A perfect addition to automating your home!

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Smart Locks for Your Home

Now you can assign unique entry codes to neighbors or family members and monitor their actions too- simply on your smart mobile devices, at a convenient location. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to those last-minute searching for your keys!

Smart Locks for Your Home

Learn about Z-wave and its Usefulness

Z-wave is a new trend for safer and smarter security locks. These are highly advanced smart locks that provide you with security allowing you to know who is coming in and going out of your home. Once the smart-lock is connected to the or other concerned app, you become able to remotely access your lock. So, if you didn't lock it physically, simply lock it with your smartphone.

How do you use Z-wave? Unlike Bluetooth locks, Z-wave locks don't connect directly with your phone. Instead, they'll need to connect to a Z-wave-compatible hub which again you can have access through the app. That hub will translate the lock's Z-wave signal into something to your router and once it does so, you'll be able to connect with your lock from anywhere.

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Features of SeeQuRity Smart Locks

  • Store up to 25 unique pin codes to share with friends and family
  • Push buttons illuminate for convenient night entry
  • Deadbolt: motorized tapered bolt helps align door during locking
  • Know when family members or friends come and go
  • View status of locks remotely
  • Suitable for all standard doors
  • Suitable for interior business application
  • Z-wave configured
  • Three different color finishes
  • Privacy feature locks out all users for added security
  • Text and email alerts
  • Schedule users by date and time

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Providing seamless & continuous service is of top priority to us. Moreover, we aim at providing our customers with not only a perfectly secured home but also peace of mind. Therefore, at SeeQuRity, our team is active throughout the day to make sure you feel safe with us as you put your trust in us. Call us at 844-412-0402 or Contact Us to get a free quotation today for your home.