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A glass break detector does not actually detect broken glass itself; but instead, it detects the sound of broken glass. It’s a great addition to any smart security system. All the home security service providers of SeeQuRity have included glass break detection built into their concerned panels (Qolsys IQ Panel 2+).

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Glass Break Detectors

Why Have a Glass Break Detector?

Door sensors only detect someone opening the window or door; they sense the trajectory of the object they are attached to, and they cannot do anything when someone skillfully breaks the glass. This is where the similarly dubbed detector comes in, which uses an audio microphone, allowing it to detect loud, specific noises. In case your home has large windows, or doors with decorative glass panels on them, such a sensor offers complementary protection, alongside the normal alarms.

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How do Glass Break Detectors Work

How do Glass Break Detectors Work?

Because glass has a very distinct sound, it is more likely to catch glass breaking and less likely to catch a false positive. On the other hand, it’s also possible that it won’t trigger at all, because the intruder could choose not to break any glass.

Glass breaking systems are best used in homes where the glass would make the most sense as an entryway, such as homes that have a large window facing relatively private areas of their home, or those who have glass windows in their doors.

Cost of Glass Break Detectors?

For our customers who protect their home with SeeQurity, you actually get a glass break detector for FREE. We only install the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ which comes with a built-in glass break detector. One less piece of equipment to install with the same added benefits – smart, isn’t it?

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